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Joy That Came With The Birth Of Our First Child Was a Complete Surprise

31 July 2015

Kathy’s 15+ hours of labor came to an end with an emergency caesarian section Saturday afternoon after 5:00 PM. All the doctors were new to Kathy and I. The obstetrician, the anesthesiologist, and the pediatrician were on-call as our doctors were taking their Saturdays off.

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Matthew Was Born That Texas Summer Day

24 July 2015

Kathy came to me after a week of feeling different (but different in a familiar way). She said, “I am pregnant.” “Wow,” I said, “this is really going to change my life.” Clearly, Kathy comes out much better in this narrative than I. We had finally arrived at a very comfortable life and career in Austin, TX. I had not had to balance our checkbook for 2 years. I was pedaling downhill with the wind in my back. As they say, “40 never looked so good.” Yet, here was an event that would change our family forever.

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