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Stephanie Was Both Planned For and Hoped For

11 Dec 2015

The birth of our daughter Steph marked many transitions in our life. Per my usual trend I was unemployed just after Stephanie was born. That was 3 for 3. But this time I used the opportunity to launch a graphic design business which in turn opened the door for me to work at Apple testing graphic design applications. I have made a career in tech ever since. The cascading effect finds my entire family engaged in technology careers.

Stephanie was delivered at 2:00 PM. It turns out that counted as 1 full day toward Kathy’s 2 day health insurance limited hospital stay. So we exited the hospital at 6:00 PM the next day. But rather than going straight home we went straight to James Lafolette and Rebecca Kleinsasser Lafolette surprise our home group which included Jane Huey and Joan Oefner.  (This was a real change from not taking Nathan out of our house for 30 days after his birth). The following Sunday we arrived at church where Michael Brodeur announced Stephanie’s arrival from the pulpit and said that she was the most beautiful baby ever.

Stephanie was both planned for and hoped for. We wanted a girl. We selected her first name, meaning princess, quickly but we spent much time considering alternate middle names. We narrowed the choices to Stephanie Kathleen and Stephanie Joy.

We liked “Joy” because that is how we felt with her arrival. And it would have fit her in many ways as a child because she was in a constant state of delight. She loved life. She loved to dance, and laugh, and sing.

“Bright” would have been an even better fit as she taught herself to read at age 4. She just started reading one day. And then she was the popular choice for outstanding math student at Harbor High School (it was awarded to another instead…. Politics). Her math skills got her accepted to UCLA and helped her gradate in ONLY 3 years.

But we settled on the “Kathleen” to honor Kathy and to reinforce a bit of Irish and UK heritage. And this turns out to be the most prophetic choice for a middle name as Stephanie has not once but twice attended school in the UK, first at University of Edinburgh, and now at St Andrews for a Masters in Computer Science.

Happy birthday, Stephanie. Those quarter centuries will start flying by now.


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