Posted in The Second Half, Tribute


28 June 2016




I am not sure if anyone notices all those songs new and old about loving and leaving. Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias sing tributes to all the girls they have loved before, the ones that go in and out the door. Frank Sinatra frames his multiple very good years by all the women in his life.

A girlfriend asks, “Do you believe in unconditional love?” The boyfriend replies, “It depends.” Joni Mitchell’s lyrics in Chinese Café capture a contemporary milieu of estrangement as boomers transition from hippies to middle age and observes that “Nothing lasts for long.”

Gale Garnett was willing to sing “we’ll sing in the sunshine,” but was not willing to love because “the cost of love is too dear.”

I am here to say if you love, you do not leave. Love gives you reasons to stay. An F. Scott Fitzgerald quote about his wife Zelda echoes my deep affection for Kathy. Thanks so much for 36 years. “I love her and that’s the beginning of everything…”


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