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That Dementia Thing

The Causes of Dementia 

Interesting observations around what might reduce the dementia rate by as much as 30% in the population. The premise is that dementia as disease  damages the brain.  The brain’s resilience to the  disease or ability to fight the disease depends in some cases on the reserve capacity and exercise the brain has had.

Activities or conditions that shrink the brain reduce a person’s ability to fight dementia. Activities that expand the brain early in life and throughout life provide a reserve that your body can use to fight dementia.The examples mentioned in this BBC clip… Late onset deafness causes the brain to shrink… not sure why except it isolates a person reducing their interactions and the amount of data the brain processes. It falls into the category of use it or lose it.

Early childhood education expands the brain and if education continues through life it increases the capacity of the brain and the reserve it can use to fight dementia.

Untreated high blood pressure seems to reduce the brain’s resilience.

Obviously, it’s a complex disease with likely many aspects and no single root cause or path to resistance. But its interesting that science seems to reinforce what we intuitively know that “use it or lose it” plays a part in how our last stage of our life plays out.

Social Isolation, Lack of reflection or thinking or learning shrink not only our world but our brain.


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