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Pedagogy v. Andragogy

I purchased one and built a second Christian Bookstore. I was in the bookstore business for 4 years until my money ran out. (If you want to know more about my Bookstore story you can read my blog about Certainty).

Constant conflict came from folks who felt it wrong for me to place books on shelves when they disagreed with the subject or the author.

The targets included Brian McClarian, Ted Dekker, Ann Rice, Teresa of Avila, John McArthur, Joel Osteen, Jay Baaker, Anything Charismatic, Anything Anti-Charismatic, Any bible translation not the King James, Christian Music, Non-Christian Music, Catholic authors, Secular Writers, The Shack… you get the gist. The root of their concern was that only materials appropriate to new believers that was 100% correct should be on the shelf.

But the battle was really one between Pedagogy v. Andragogy. Who owns my education experience? As an adult I own it. I do not need to be protected from ideas, literature, or the thoughts communicated by others…

It seems our church models and theological tone often lean heavily toward pedagogy. What is the long term impact of that rubric for those who attend our churches and listen on Sunday mornings? Are we helping or hurting the maturing of the body of Christ?

I really love the heart communicated by pastor and artist, Justin McRoberts.


2 thoughts on “Pedagogy v. Andragogy

  1. Please we don’t need more books. We have more books about God than people in this world. Bible says God will find one in a city.(Jer.3:14). So how many pastors more we need? I am sick of the pastors and their greedy sermon.


    1. Not sure I am able to connect education, communication, and greed.

      Without question there is no way to restrain God’s intention to reach the one.

      But God’s statement of purpose is about forming a people and God’s story is people of God with no intent for anyone to stand apart or alone.


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