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That Dementia Thing

The Causes of Dementia 

Interesting observations around what might reduce the dementia rate by as much as 30% in the population. The premise is that dementia as disease  damages the brain.  The brain’s resilience to the  disease or ability to fight the disease depends in some cases on the reserve capacity and exercise the brain has had.

Activities or conditions that shrink the brain reduce a person’s ability to fight dementia. Activities that expand the brain early in life and throughout life provide a reserve that your body can use to fight dementia. Continue reading “That Dementia Thing”

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Mission-from-GodHave you ever been on a mission for God? One tension with aging is between our dreams and our regrets. When I was young, I tended to see things in black and white. In many ways, my mind was closed for repairs. My understanding of Scripture was likewise rigid. Theological positions were mountains to conquer and debates to be won. I arrived at a place where I thought all my questions were answered. Years followed in which my interactions with the Word of God were incremental, returning minor corrections to my already settled theological positions.

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The 50-year anniversary of San Francisco’s “Summer of Love” is drawing near. Yeah, I know them hippies. Memories, Fragments, and Traces flood our minds as we think back to where my generation, our generation found its voice. We had passion but we were deaf to wisdom in those days.

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That Scaffolding Thing

Snip20160713_17There is an arc to human development.

We start life completely helpless and rely on others for everything.

As we journey through childhood, adolescence, and emerging adulthood the scaffolding in our lives is gradually removed. At that point in the arc we become the scaffolding for others.

As we enter the the last stage of our life the scaffolding must gradually return and enable us along the journey.

What are the felt needs and gaps that await us forward? Can we begin to envision ways to meet those challenges? Can we innovate?

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My generation is becoming invisible. Our culture has begun looking past us… whispering, “isn’t it time for you to retire?” Weary of our shadow GenX embraces the passing of the boomers only to find that now it is the generation behind them, the millennials,  that is new pig passing through the snake. Continue reading “Invisible”

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Learn How to Live Well Before You Die

Snip20160710_13Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom

Much of the message of “Tuesdays with Morrie,” is an exhortation to die well. But the equally important message is to learn how to live well before you die. Morrie decided that he wanted his tombstone to say, “A Teacher to the Last” (Albom, Kindle Location 1421). His final project was to teach about life and death. And the lesson begins with understanding what is important. Continue reading “Learn How to Live Well Before You Die”


28 June 2016




I am not sure if anyone notices all those songs new and old about loving and leaving. Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias sing tributes to all the girls they have loved before, the ones that go in and out the door. Frank Sinatra frames his multiple very good years by all the women in his life. Continue reading “36”