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A Journey Measured in Years. 37.

Collage 2017Donn Garrett in the song, Daily Groan, embraces the growing difference between the the man inside and the the man outside. Like Donn when I look in the mirror I now understand just what people don’t see.

I have incredibly fond memories. Even if those memories are found in “faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases…” and my memories are in bits and pieces.  (Of course the lines and creases are not limited to the photographs). Continue reading “A Journey Measured in Years. 37.”



28 June 2016




I am not sure if anyone notices all those songs new and old about loving and leaving. Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias sing tributes to all the girls they have loved before, the ones that go in and out the door. Frank Sinatra frames his multiple very good years by all the women in his life. Continue reading “36”

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Kim Was Immediately Loved

22 Dec 2015

I am not sure why but I had a school day in late Dec. Normally schools are on Christmas break by that time. While sitting in my sixth grade class at Inez Foster Elementary I received a note from the school office that my baby sister was about to be born. I am not sure if all the other siblings had the same news because they went to another elementary school than I. I announced to a friend on the playground at lunch that I had a baby sister arriving… He replied with disbelief and said I was lying. This was a strange response.

But I never wavered in my belief and Kim arrived home and was immediately loved by the whole family. Every family needs that one that everyone loves. I was a different kind of cook than my Texas kin…. having been raised with a California bias. As a child Kimmie always liked a simple breakfast I would cook for her. Corn tortillas with melted butter and plain omelet style scrambled eggs Kimmie could not get enough of.

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!

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Stephanie Was Both Planned For and Hoped For

11 Dec 2015

The birth of our daughter Steph marked many transitions in our life. Per my usual trend I was unemployed just after Stephanie was born. That was 3 for 3. But this time I used the opportunity to launch a graphic design business which in turn opened the door for me to work at Apple testing graphic design applications. I have made a career in tech ever since. The cascading effect finds my entire family engaged in technology careers.

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Thoughts On Turning 60

“He’s an old hippie and he don’t know what to do. Should he hang on to the old? Should he grab on to the new?” David Bellamy.

My second son bounded down the stairs excited because he had just saved “$3000 dollars” on an engagement ring. I asked, “So how much did it cost?” He replied, “Only $4000 dollars.” Continue reading “Thoughts On Turning 60”

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Andrew Must Have Absorbed All That Persistence

24 Sept 2015

I was a house husband and full time caregiver for both Andrew and Nathan. I had great fun for a couple years while Kathy worked full time to pay the bills.  I was unemployed (again) when Andrew was born 30 years ago.

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Joy That Came With The Birth Of Our First Child Was a Complete Surprise

31 July 2015

Kathy’s 15+ hours of labor came to an end with an emergency caesarian section Saturday afternoon after 5:00 PM. All the doctors were new to Kathy and I. The obstetrician, the anesthesiologist, and the pediatrician were on-call as our doctors were taking their Saturdays off.

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