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Kim Was Immediately Loved

22 Dec 2015

I am not sure why but I had a school day in late Dec. Normally schools are on Christmas break by that time. While sitting in my sixth grade class at Inez Foster Elementary I received a note from the school office that my baby sister was about to be born. I am not sure if all the other siblings had the same news because they went to another elementary school than I. I announced to a friend on the playground at lunch that I had a baby sister arriving… He replied with disbelief and said I was lying. This was a strange response.

But I never wavered in my belief and Kim arrived home and was immediately loved by the whole family. Every family needs that one that everyone loves. I was a different kind of cook than my Texas kin…. having been raised with a California bias. As a child Kimmie always liked a simple breakfast I would cook for her. Corn tortillas with melted butter and plain omelet style scrambled eggs Kimmie could not get enough of.

Happy Birthday Baby Sis!