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A Very Personal Easter Story

April 2017


“Christianity is a subjective, transformative event that upends, ruptures, and transforms human life. At this level, much like the blind man in John 9, we may find ourselves simply able to say, ‘One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see’ (John 9:25)”
Scot McKnight and Kevin Corcoran

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28 June 2016




I am not sure if anyone notices all those songs new and old about loving and leaving. Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias sing tributes to all the girls they have loved before, the ones that go in and out the door. Frank Sinatra frames his multiple very good years by all the women in his life. Continue reading “36”

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Thoughts On Turning 60

“He’s an old hippie and he don’t know what to do. Should he hang on to the old? Should he grab on to the new?” David Bellamy.

My second son bounded down the stairs excited because he had just saved “$3000 dollars” on an engagement ring. I asked, “So how much did it cost?” He replied, “Only $4000 dollars.” Continue reading “Thoughts On Turning 60”

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We Were Married on a Rainy and Sunny Day

28 June 2015

Snip20160710_7I proposed to Kathy only 3 months after she noticed me on the UC Irvine campus. Four days after the proposal she said “Yes!” And we were married 6 months later. We married on a Rainy and Sunny day in Irvine, CA 35 years ago. Kathy wore a wedding dress which she made (with her mother’s help). The material cost $100 and required no bridal shop visits. Our wedding rings were matching silver bands with a sculpted Cross and Dove.

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